About Us

Whipple Superchargers was founded by successful top fuel funny car and top fuel drag hydro racer,

Art Whipple in 1987. Known for his innovation and know-how, Art wanted to bring twin-screw supercharger technology to drag racing as well as street applications.

Thus the Whipple Supercharger was born and began breaking records.


Based in Fresno CA, the family owned and operated business led by Dustin Whipple continues to set the standard with innovative, race proven, record setting superchargers that have shaped the aftermarket industry. Driven by high standards and non stop development, we produce the most refined and innovative supercharger system available worldwide. 


In 2005, WHIPPLE AUSTRALIA was established by Yella Terra Australia – High Performance Products, to assist in the sales, marketing, and support of the WHIPPLE INDUSTRIES Supercharger kits products here in Australia.  The division has been the main promoter and supporter of the twin screw Whipple kits in this country.


WHIPPLE AUSTRALIA operates under direction from Whipple Industries USA and has been recognised as the authorised agent for the sale and repair of the Whipple Supercharger Products in this country.